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"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan." ~ Jim Rohn
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(Pictures located in the interview; myself while building a costume of my design for Gala Rio de Janeiro, student designer Sara Shouse's design for Amelia Earhart 2014, & myself at a Renaissance Festival)

The Flexible Designer & Mentor

      The Costume Designer and Technician should be a diverse individual that is capable of familiarizing oneself with various times, cultures, and characters.  As a Designer, I have an understanding of and the ability to construct, budget, prioritize, and keep deadlines.  From the moment of reading the play to the closing night; costume designing is a vibrant expression of collaborative ideas coming into fruition.  I find that moving from the artistic mediums, such as oils, to the costuming medium of fabric, enables a specific type of creative communication between Shop Supervisor and Designer.  

     Mentoring is a position that I take great pride and privilege in performing.  Each student lends his or her own experiences, skill sets, and outlooks.  Helping students expand their talents and discover their hidden gifts is the main motivation to my teaching aspirations.  As a mentor and designer, I like to keep in mind that there are no meaningless shows, no pointless characters, and no limit to the effects wonderful theatre has on all involved.


The Moveable Classroom

    Teaching and learning are forms of sharing.  The dynamic “classroom” could be anywhere: A traditional classroom, a lab, a theatre, a park – anywhere students and teachers are found exchanging ideas. It is the teacher’s role to lead the class and to share her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.  But it is also each student’s role to share thoughts and ideas with the class.  I want to prepare my students for a fulfilling career in theatre, should they seek it, or equally to provide them with a deeper understanding of this art even if they do not plan to make a career of it.
     Ultimately, the classroom should be a place for students to learn how to produce not only theatre shows, but lifelong memories for both the audience and the theatrical practitioners.  On a more practical note, the successful teacher brings interesting ways of learning into the classroom.  There are different ways of learning and taking in information.  It is the responsibility of the teacher to help each student understand the coursework and be able to retain the knowledge. 
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